Sunday, 19 June 2011

Home Sweet Home.

I've neglected writing on here for a long, long time. Life has been blissfully happy lately and I've not really felt the need to write. I've also been looking back on my older posts and feel a totally different person to who I was when I first started writing my thoughts and feelings on the internet.

So what's changed to make me write again?

Absolutely nothing. A lot of the people whose blogs I used to read, who used to read mine have disappeared off the radar. Nobody Girl, Divorce and Onwards, Tui, to name but a few who have all but vanished. Lippy Lipstick Lawyer, London Cokehead, they're gone too. And I disappeared for a while, over a yea in fact. But now I'M BACK!!

So what's new in the life of rX? Well I finally got my own flat, with my very own boy-toy to go with it. He doesn't know that I like to pour my heart out to the internet. We moved into our little home in January and it's been wonderful. Not even the leaky ceiling and draughty windows can dampen my spirit! Living here with him is wonderful, it's great not being anyone's dirty little secret and I actually like being a little housewife. I bake cakes and make bread, wash his shirts and nag him to hoover the stairs. I love it!

I am now a waitress at a very posh fine dining restaurant, all white tablecloths, putting the plates the right way in front of customers and wearing gloves to lay tables. I've really started to feel comfortable in my own skin in this job. It's taken a long time but I think I've finally settled.

I'm totally clean and have been for nearly two years now. The strongest thing to pass there lips nowadays is a cheeky mojito. I don't need chemical smiles anymore, I've got real ones where the chemicals used to be :)

No more sad girl- I'm back and better than ever :)


Miss Maggie said...

Hello! Thanks for following my blog. Your blog looks really interesting :)


rX said...

Thanks! I've been 'gone fishing' for too long, i'm back now though! I love your blog, really pretty :) x